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TrainingThe Knowledge Academy is Globally Recognised as the Market Leader in providing Google G Suite Training courses to professionals.
Our ‘G Suite Expert Team’ comprises over 27 leading Professionals with 10 years of working experience to make collaboration simple and effective for organizations using Google G Suite.
Our specialized instructors have developed unique teaching styles to help aspiring candidates gain the ability to share spreadsheets and documents, create video conferences with Meets, and use instant messaging via Chats.

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Google G Suite Training

OverviewG Suite, also known as Google Apps for Work, is a collection of Google-developed and powered business, productivity, collaboration, and education software.
It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that groups all the cloud-based productivity collaboration tools.
Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, Google+, Sites, Hangouts, and Keep are the primary G Suite tools. Many businesses like to use Google G Suite because it gives them a business email, unlimited storage space, improved team collaboration, enhanced data security, etc., useful features.
Our Google G Suite Training courses will teach students how to use G Suite to organise their tasks, collaborate with their teams, connect with customers, and ultimately help their businesses grow.
Our popular Google G Suite Training courses cover vital components of G Suite to help learners understand the use of Google Contacts, Tasks, Forms, Hangouts, and Keep. Our highly skilled and experienced trainer will conduct Google G Suite training and help learners foster specific skills to help them develop and succeed in their careers.


Why Should I Use G Suite for Work?

G Suite is a collection of Google’s intelligent and cloud-based applications.
Deploying G Suite as your primary digital portal for your company can keep you and your team at peak productivity and efficiency.
When you upgrade from a free Gmail account to a G Suite account, you get a domain name business email that increases your company’s brand value.

G Suite is a cloud-based platform with limitless storage, and each user gets 1TB of storage space if they have 4-5 users.
It provides Data Migration tools and services to migrate your data from current storage to new storage securely.
It also provides 2-step verification, which you can apply to all users and devices to ensure tight security against Cyber Attacks and Data Theft.
Integrating G Suite into your business can help you improve team productivity and work efficiency.
Compared to its competitor, Microsoft Office 365, G Suite is the less expensive option.

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