P3O (Project, Programme, and Portfolio Office)

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices Overview

As businesses increasingly adopt portfolio, programme and project management, there is an increasing need for an effective infrastructure, namely the programme/project office, to support them.
The need for an effective support structure increases not only with the number of programmes and projects undertaken but also with the significance placed on these initiatives.
Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O) is a best practice guidance from TISMaC addressing this functionality. The P3O model provides a decision and delivery support structure for enabling change within an organisation.
This may be provided through a single permanent office such as the Portfolio Office, Centre of Excellence, Enterprise or Corporate Programme Office. Alternatively, it may be provided through a linked set of offices (portfolio office, programme offices, project offices).
P3O is aligned with PRINCE2® and MSP® and blends in one place a set of principles, processes and techniques to facilitate effective portfolio, programme and project management through enablement, challenge and support structures.
These structures bridge the gap between the strategy and policymakers, and the delivery arm of the organisation.


• Define and implement scaled and scalable P3O organisation.
• Design and implement P3O implementation roadmap.
• Define and articulate case for the benefits of a P3O.
• Design, implement and action plan for P3O maturity growth.
• Deliver RAIDO, Governance, Lessons Learned, Quality, Decision Support, Resource services
• Value based project prioritisation and alignment with corporate strategy
• Define and implement Standards and Methods for PMO services
• Knowledge sharing, mentoring and coaching for P3O creation and improvement
• Undertake maturity assessment of P3O services and functions
• Integrate and align P3O with wider corporate governance


• Ensures investments is focused on the right programmes and projects
• Increases stakeholder awareness of the totality of business change
• Enhances business readiness for the business change
• Ensures resources are available to support priorities as necessary
• Able to mobilise quickly, and minimise business disruption
• Support enhanced decision making at strategic and tactical level
• Increases stakeholder buy-in to and confidence of successful delivery
• Immediate guidance and support from experienced PMO professionals
• Rapid P3M maturity through application of tried and tested methodologies
• Business disruption kept to a minimum

Who Should Attend?

Foundation – those working within a P3O environment who need to understand the principles and terminology of P3O Practitioners – those managing and working within a P3O component requiring a full understanding of how to justify, build and manage a P3O

Portfolio Programme Project Offices

Our P3O service offering will help your organization to maximise its return on investment by focusing on the most valuable activities and undertaking those activities in the most efficient and effective way. Setting up and re-energising PMOs and PSOs.

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